Product Features & Benefits

• Simple, easy and fast to install - No need to lift the roof cladding, when retro fitting.
• Lower costs, reducing number of down pipes/sub ground pipes compared to slotted gutter
• No need for unsightly slots or ext brackets giving a smooth finish
• Suits both timber and metal fascias. Minimal wastage and all waste is 100% recyclable
• Consistently strong – no bowing or sagging
• Provides a cost effective continuous overflow unlike most other systems

At last there is a Gutter Fixing System & Overflow Solution that is high quality, affordable and attractive without compromising legislative requirements.

Gutter Grip is specifically designed to comply with Australian Standards & the Building Code of Australia. Most high fronted gutters are NOT installed to required regulations.

Backed by international patents, university tested and endorsed by building professionals it is guaranteed not to allow water to overflow back into the building.

For gutter fixing systems to comply with the Building and Plumbing Codes of Australia and the Australian Standards, it is a requirement that they have a continuous overflow provision.

The following methods can be used to install guttering with a continuous overflow provision:

• Provide a 10 mm weir gap between the gutter and fascia.
• Install the front bead of gutter 20 mm below the top of the fascia.
• Install a flashing between the back of the gutter and fascia.

The Gutter Grip system provides a 10 mm weir gap between the gutter and fascia whilst still remaining very strong and durable. The Gutter Grip system can also be installed with the front bead of the gutter 20 mm below the top of the fascia or with a flashing. The Gutter Grip system allows gutter to be installed in a compliant manner when used with high front guttering unlike other major fixing systems.

Australian Compliance