EarthWool Ceiling and Wall Thermal Batts
EarthWool® is a new, advanced generation of ‘super soft‘ and highly sustainable glasswool. It is thermally efficient and cost effective in saving energy and providing increased comfort in buildings.
EarthWool® is non-combustible and also reduces unwanted noise from outside the home and limits sound transmission from room to room. Made using recycled glass bottles, sand and using ECOSE® Technology, EarthWool® sets a new benchmark for insulation sustainability and ease of handling.
Glasswool Insulation is composed of millions of fibres which in themselves are poor conductors of heat. These fibres are formed into matting during manufacture and small air cells are formed which greatly reduce the transfer of heat through the insulation.The thicker the product is the more it resists the flow of heat. This resistance of any insulation is measured by its laboratory tested R-Value. The higher the R-value the more beneficial the insulation will be providing a high level of thermal and acoustic comfort in your home or business.